Photo of the Week: Under the Rainbow

Last Thursday went to the airport to get some of the afternoon traffic, specially Condor's A321 with Sharklets and new livery (which I still had no pics) and the landing of Volotea (the landing of this one was also a first for me...)

The weather was a bit dark and with some light rain shower wich was a bit crappy but then, this beautifull rainbow opened just over the was really beautifull and it lasted quite a long time, somethimes stronger, somethings fainter...

Air Berlin's B738 D-ABME with the One World livery take-off, with an amazing rainbow

The landing of Volotea's B717 EI-FBJ, "crossing" the rainbow

The landing of TAP's A320 CS-TMW with the rainbow a little bit weaker

Also a first...the first time I photographed White's CS-TRO landing (until then only had made a couple of night-shots of it, parked for the night)

An overview of FNC/LPMA (Madeira International airport) with all of the above planes and a plus: Tuifly's B738 D-AHLK with the new Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten livery which I also hadn't photographed before...(arrived from Basel)


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