segunda-feira, 22 de abril de 2019

Air Nostrum back to Madeira

From the same day of Eurowings Europa Park special livery (check HERE), my first pics of the year of Air Nostrum, that started flying recently to Madeira again, on its summer operation.

CRJ-1000 EC-MTO entering the apron, after a runway 23 landing

Thumbs up!

and the crew always enjoy making some shots on a new destination :)

domingo, 21 de abril de 2019

Photo of the Week: Luftwaffe Medic1

This week we had a couple of highlights, regarding air traffic...unfortunatelly for the worst reasons...

Didn't manage to get the German Goverment A319 (15+02) that was at Madeira on April, 18th but did made some pics on the Luftwaffe Medic A310 that came yesterday to return to Germany the injured tourists on a bus accident, earlier this week...

Despite today we're having a great summer day, yesterday was quite wintery...

A310 10+27 arriving early on the morning...

 After the boarding, the return flight was made to Cologne...
lining up on runway 05
You can check some more info and pics of the plane HERE (text in Portuguese)

domingo, 14 de abril de 2019

Eurowings Europark special livery

Finally today we had one of the most expected Eurowings special livery...A320 D-ABDQ Euro Park livery...and it's really a beauty!

Entering the apron after arriving from Dusseldorf, on runway 23

nice reflections
 Unfortunatelly, couldn't wait on the terminal for the departure and only managed get the take-off from outside the airport...if it had made a left banking right after take-off, it would probably made some really nice pics...

quinta-feira, 11 de abril de 2019

Austrian A321 new livery

Austrian A321 OE-LBD arriving at Madeira, from Vienna
First time I got Austrian's more recent livery...doesn't really catch my eye but, the record is done...

Sunday lunch time...a crappy time for spotting either due to the family time either due to the light...but happenned to be passing by so, worth waiting 5 minutes for the catch...

Foto da Semana: Bisontes

C-130 16806 descolando da 23, em Abril de 2010

A foto da semana já vem bem tarde mas, a verdade é que sem grandes idas ao aeroporto e outras coisas em que pensar, não havia propriamente um registo que me chamasse à atenção para ser eleita foto da semana...

Entretanto, estava agora a mexer em fotos mais antigas e, numa altura em que muito se fala do eventual substituto do C-130, fica este registo já com 9 anos da descolagem do 16806 da 23, com uns interessantes efeitos de condensação nas hélices, ainda com a antiga pintura camuflada, que continua a ser a minha preferida neste aparelho.

terça-feira, 2 de abril de 2019

Photo of the Week: British take-off

British Airways A320 G-GATP departing back to London Gatwick, from runway 23

This week had really no pic on my mind for the Photo of the Week but, tonight was reading about the most recent news on the votes on the British Parliament which...surprise surprise...were once more negative to all proposals on an exit deal...Anyway...remembered I had a few shots, from January of this BA take off that I still hadn't processed nor it goes...

quarta-feira, 27 de março de 2019

Memories on the Futura Binter

Back to 2007, a nice shot for the FB Group Aviation Faded Glory...

Binter (Futura) special livery B734 EC-INQ at Madeira in July 2007, arriving from the Canary islands..

terça-feira, 26 de março de 2019

Rudolph and the new livery

DAT - Danish Air Transport A320 OY-LHD with Lufthansa's A321 D-AIDC taxiing on the back
From the same day of Austrian's retro (check HERE), a DAT A320 shot on its more colorful angle with Lufthansa new livery on the back. Was also the first time I got the German airline new livery... check HERE

Usually most spotters like a more aircraft clean shot (not to mention the usual aviation photo sites....) but some times it's interesting to get this fully busy apron around the plane...20 years from now, it should be interesting to see how different it will be...or not... :P

domingo, 24 de março de 2019

10 Years Ago: Hamburg International special


From exactly 10 years ago, a shot of Hamburg International A319 D-AHIK carrying the 10th Aniversary special livery....
Ceased operations the next year...curiously, a two exits over the wings A319

Flew with Germania as D-ASTT, now stored, according to Airfleets