2019 Highlights at FNC/LPMA - Madeira

Happy New Year everyone!
Time for last year's highlights!

It took its time but, last year, Eurowings brought us some of its special liveries...
In January, I got the Borussia Dortmund livery on A320 D-AIZR. Check HERE

Also in January made my last pic's on Germania's B737 special livery D-AGER...and unfortunately, ones of the lasts to Germania also, has it went bankrupt in 5.Feb.2019.
Check HERE

In March (17th) got, for the first time Austrian most recent retro livery.
A320 OE-LBO (check HERE):

Also in March, got A320 D-ABDU, which hosted previously Air Berlin Etihad special livery, now on service with Eurowings and with special livery Hertz. Check HERE

In April, got Eurowings special livery Europa Park, on A320 D-ABDQ. Check HERE

Also in April, another german highlight...unfortunately for the wrong reasons...got for the first time a Luftwaffe A310 ( 10+27). It was were on a special medevac flight...
Check HERE

In May, made my first pics to Brussels Special livery "Bruegel", A320 OO-SNE
Check HERE

Also in May, another of the year's highlights..Ukraine Air Alliance Antonov 12 UR-CAK.
Later, in October, its "brother" UR-CAH crashed and the cargo airline was grounded with COA revoged by the authorities...check more info on that, HERE

In July, with dark weather, got for the first time, a Brussels fligth made with an A320 with Eurowings livery and belgian registration...OO-SNN
Check HERE

In August, probably the most interesting traffic of the year...private B727 N311AG.
Came a couple of times with it's owner.
Check HERE

In September, TUI Belgium Special livery B738 OO-JAF.
Check HERE

Also in September, TUI Nederland B738 leased to Canadian Sunwings and carrying Sunny Cars special livery, which looks great!
Check HERE

In October, got another of the summers leases of TUI Nederland to Sunwings...C-FTDW, also with a special livery. Check HERE

In October, time to get Portuguese Air Force C-130 16801 with 80K Flight Hours special livery.
Check HERE

Condor has its retro livery on a diferent A320...after D-AICA, it's now on D-AICH.
Check HERE
Got it a couple of times, in October and November....

Also in November, made my first pic's to Lufthansa's A321NEO which were also the first pics of the new livery... D-AIEC
Check HERE

In  December, TAP had the highlights:
got for the first time TAP's new A320NEO Star Alliance, CS-TFV (check HERE)

and the first A320NEO with the cockpit mask, CS-TVG, which looks really great!
Check HERE

and ...TAP Express made its first flight to Madeira...It was the first time we had one of their Embraers here, a most waited plane by local spotters...
Embraer 195 CS-TTX was the first one, check HERE


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