Eurowings Hertz Special livery

Yesterday, we got, for the first time, Eurowings Hertz special livery.
This nice livery was applied to an old known plane of the spotters...D-ABDU holded previously Air Berlin's Etihad's special livery...

Unfortunatelly, was expecting a runway 05 landing but we got a 23 landing...that would be nice if the take-off was also from runway wasn' was from runway 05, the used both the worst runways to photograph... at least for someone who was expecting to make some action shots on the landing/take-off...

Entering the apron after landing on runway 23

Nice cockpit crew!
Happy flyings Capt.Martin
 The push-back, to runway 05, for the return to Germany

To remember... D-ABDU while at Air Berlin, with AB/Etihad special livery...

Check more D-ABDU pics, HERE


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