Photo of the Week: Germania special

According to some info, D-AGER, carrying the airline's 30th Aniversary special livery, is to be stored / scrapped in March, still, the year began with financial dificulties for Germania and for a moment it seemed like the plane would last the airline.

Fortunately, it looks like they managed to secure the necessary financing to keep on, although some changes are to be made regarding the management and operacions...let's hope it works for a long time more.
Check the latest news regarding that matter, HERE
D-AGER coming to a stop on runway 23

A319 D-ASTJ and D-AGER...
Germania is a regular presence at Madeira with a few weekly flights from various origins
A shot that's an exemple on the fleet change as the B737 are leaving the fleet towards an Airbus fleet, which should receive some NEO's in a close future.


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