Lufthansa A321NEO

A few weeks ago Lufthansa started using the A321NEO on the Madeira route.
Until a couple of saturdays ago, didn't went to the airport for a specific catch on this bird...then it didn't land...on a bit of a windy day, Lufthansa's A321NEO was the only plane diverting to Porto Santo and then returning to Germany without landing at Madeira.....crap!!!

Last Saturday, went to the airport for another try on catching the departure of this bird, as runway 23 was in use...finally managed to get my first shots on the bird....

Departing from runway 23, back to Frankfurt....

down on the apron, Easyjet OE-IZE was starting taxi, for the departure for Berlin, after the first flight on the Berlin-Madeira-Berlin route.


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