2011 Best of...

A few of Madeira Bloggers posted some highlights of 2011 LPMA traffic.
Already running a bit late on the schedulled date (yesterday) but, beeing this the last day of the year, who knows if we didn't get an A380 around here... ;P

It hasn't been a very good year but still, some things that are well wort remembering...
Will be posting these in Alphabetic order...

For the first time, they brought a cargo plane with their own titles...check more HERE 

ZS-SMJ from Safair, on duty with Agroar and used on the cargo route: Lisbon-Madeira-Lisbon
Air Explore:
After getting it once in 2010, got it again once in 2011, this time, by night. Check HERE.
Definitely a rare visitor at Madeira...

Air Finland:
It's also not a too regular visitor, during this year, it came with a great new livery but the real hightlight goes for the time it brought OH-AFL, wearing Allegian Air colors....check HERE

Air Via:
Premiered at Madeira last month on a Primera flight. Check HERE
Allways nice to have new colors around...
LZ-MDB taking off from runway 23
Amsterdam Airlines:
Came once or twice to Madeira, from Paris. Check HERE
Not a fantastic livery but, like I said before, new is good....

PH-AAY arriving from Paris, Charles de Gaulle
Bluebird Cargo:
Started this month to operate the Agroar cargo flights from / to Lisbon.
Check HERE
Great livery (specially comparing to the planes that made these flights before...)

TF-BBE is known by making quite short take-offs at Madeira....
Another premiere, despite the white fridge look and small size, ATR-42's aren't that comon around here...
Check HERE
EC-LMX landing on 05
They returned with the B757-300 to Madeira and the most interesting one is, of course, D-ABON, with the speciall livery (and now with winglets...)
Check HERE

The year could even be more interesting if Condor had already brought the retro (D-AICA) to Madeira....
Let's hope they remember to bring it soon to our island...

Already a regular airline, this year it made it to the 200th Airbus and with a great special livery to match...
Check HERE

As far as I know it was the only time G-EZUI was at Madeira...
(Come on easyjet...a few times more...)
Enter Air:
This Polish airline was another premiere for 2011....check HERE

SP-ENB pushing back.
It made many flights during the night (at the middle of the night) so, not many trips to photograph this one.
On this ocasion, it came a lot earlier than usual...
Portuguese Air Force:
There was a few highlights for PoAF this year...

Finally managed to get some night-shots of the C-295....Check HERE

16708 on a Medevac from Porto Santo (LPPS / PXO / AM3)
also regarding the C-295, had the oportunity for a flight in it, last month...
16705, heading to Porto Santo
and finally, the big highlight was the oportunity for a last flight on the C-212 Aviocar just a couple of days before being retired from Madeira (for the second time) and a few days before it ceased operating with PoAF....
Check HERE

sunsetting on the 16513
Returned to Madeira, after 9 years...check HERE
D-AHIM received with water canons
Didn't get the B737 but looks like they'll be returning next year...
Is already a regular visitor but special Jet2 Holliday livery, from G-GDFD is well worth the highlight.
Check HERE

Korean Air:
Was one of the most interesting traffic of the year...
BBJ's aren't that usual at Madeira and Asian airlines aren't also...
Even if this one didn't have the full Korean livery, still a great catch....check HERE

HL8222 arriving from Atlanta
After many years, Monarch also returned to Madeira.
It didn't make many flights and it was allways with one A320 but it was nice to be able to photograph these colors around....

G-MONX, taking off from 05

One of the regulars...the highlight, for me, was my own premiere, flying the Q400....
premiere was made on the CS-TRD

Gave up on the Caracas-Madeira route...it was a good-bye for the colorfull airline....

YL-LCY...SBA had the only 767 coming on a regular basis to Madeira... 
This airline's planes come often to Madeira, making other airlines flights but 2011 was the year when I finally got it with it's own colors...check HERE

Sun Air of Scandinavia (Brithis Airways):
Another great premiere due to football. Brought a Swedish soccer team to play with CD Nacional...
Check HERE

Had one of its 757 (G-OOBE) flying a TC & Starquest Expedition that scaled Madeira.
Not a great livery but allways worth to regist...check HERE

Made it's premiere at Madeira this year, with direct flights from Moscow...Check HERE

EI-EDZ, on the premiere...just B737's....

One of the most interesting airlines, regarding it liveries...
Many special liveries to get and the most recent were the most interesting for the "hunt".
Check Tuifly specials HERE


Ukraine International Airlines:
Another eastern premiere, also for a few flights, from Kiev...
Check more HERE

Welcome Air:
The first time I caught this one, although it turned out nothing special...
Check HERE

OE-GBB on a night-stop


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