sábado, 9 de abril de 2011

Amsterdam Airlines Premiere

With the new Summer season, the french flight are increasing a lot...
Europe Airpost returned last week and today increased its flights for 2, Aigle Azur added another flight for tomorrow, Air Mediterranée also increased its flights for 2 last week (although looks like tomorow isn't coming....)

Anyway, today we had a premiere: like stated on the title Amsterdam Airlines....coming from Paris - Charles de Gaulle.... (that's why all that talk about french flighs...)

The arrival of the plane got a bit delayed due to comunications problem with the Aeroclub's plane that was on air but everything went ok.

Like allways on these ocasions, the usual spots were crowded... ;)

PH-AAY, Amsterdam Airlines, one the company's A320 (they only have 2 planes)

2 comentários:

  1. É a invasão dos franceses!
    Venham eles!!!
    Sejam franceses, alemães, ingles, etc, queremos
    é pessoal a vir para cá (e aviaõzinhos novos)
    Pena que são só 4 voos. :(