sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

The return of Smartlynx

Yesterday we had the return of Smartlynx, on the flights from Tallinn.
It arrived from that city during the night (around 4.55am) and stayed for a few hours for crew rest.

The other few times (or just once, maybe) they brought an airplane with full Smartlynx livery I couldn't go to the airport for some shots so, yesterday, after work made a quick run into the airport to take some shots of its departure, around 4.35pm.

It was departing on a positioned (empty) flight to Ponta Delgada, Azores (PDL), so there was a good probability of making a good and early take-off....

Ponta de S.Lourenço on the background...

YL-BBC pushing back to runway 05 with a nice Lynx on the nose..

This must have been one of a kind for me! No need to crop nor rotate for horizon leveling...right out of the camera with redimension, a bit of levels and sharp...

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  1. Boas Rui, este era o avião que iria passar aqui em PXO a 09-09-2011 para seguir para Ponta Delgada. Curioso. Cumprimentos