quinta-feira, 26 de maio de 2011

Jet2 Holidays special livery

This one was an hard catch...

Was after it a long time...really love its livery.
Used to be on service with Tuifly, with D-AHFB registration (with the great Sharan special livery....)
It surprised us monday at lunch time but, due to strong winds ended up diverting to Porto Santo (check pics here)

The B737 G-GDFD ready for push-back

Pushing back to 05, with OK-TVR from Travel Service on the next stand (had also arrived from Porto Santo, after beeing diverted to that island on the previous day)

CS-DCH, the TB-10 from local Aeroclube making a windy take-off for a flight to Funchal (check more pics HERE)

Unfortunatelly, opposite to the previous 3 planes, the Jet2 made quite a long take-off so, the pics didn't turned out  as I wanted (specially with all that fog....)

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