Photo of the Week: Belavia

Well...better late than never...
Like someone joked about, what better choice for Photo of the Week than this Belavia landing on the beautifull late afternoon light?

Despite some of the guys saying that this one was already here, it was my first Belavia.
Came in August to Madeira, from Belarus with some team to play with local team CD Nacional, for the UEFA competitions. Hurrey to soccer! :)

arrived at runway 05 with the very last sun, after a techinal stop at Porto (LPPR/OPO)


On the back, CS-TTU, one of the last A319 added to TAP fleet

A nice apron with AeroVip's Do.228 CS-AYT, TAP's A319 CS-TTU, special Tuifly Kreuzflug D-AHLK and Jet2's G-CELC

all in all, a nice catch with the extra that B735 arent's that usual around here...


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