It's not everyday we get to have a Falcon 7X at Madeira...
Yesterday didn't manage to get its arrival and today couldn't get the departure also so, decided to go in the morning for a few shots of the bizjets in the apron.

VQ-BSN parked at the apron, with Easyjet's A319 G-EZFW landing on runway 05, from Lisbon.

CS-TFQ, a Learjet 45 from OMNI also parked at the apron with the extra of the fire truck test, in the back.

The 3 smallies of the morning. The couple of bizjets together with CS-AYT, the Dornier 228 from Aerovip that was waiting for the return flight to Porto Santo. 

G-EZFW entering the stand...was there so, might as well take the shot.


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