Yesterday night made a quick stop at the airport for some shots at the night-stop traffic.
The airport was already a bit spooky with most of the lights out and almost no one at sight...

The main reason for the stop, the Learjet 35A, from LAR - Luxembourg Air Rescue, LX-TWO

 Took the oportunity also for a quick shot at a Piper PA-31P 350 Mojave that's been here at Madeira for some time (who knows how regular it will become...)
 As I was there, might as well take some pics of the other traffic.
Sata's A320 CS-TKJ.
Despite Sata doesn't make the Madeira-Lisbon flights, there's allways one A320 based at Madeira, for other flights.
Notice the engine blades?

The other usual Sata, Q200 CS-TRB, used on Madeira-Porto Santo  flights with an unusual plane on the back: M-RKAY, a  Raytheon 390.

CS-TKK the last TAP that had arrived (one again, notice the blades...)

CS-TTD that


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