New Photo of the Week - Tuifly specials

Tomorow (...actually today, it's past mid-night...) it's Tuifly day.

They're currently making 4 weekly flights to Madeira, all of them on Tuesday, which means 3 diferent planes (the first in the morning returns on the last flight of the day).

Lately, Tuesdays mean "hunt" day as I'm still missing the Golden Haribo.
It's been here at least a couple of times but I never managed to get it.
Last weeks we've only been getting "eggs"...regular Tuifly yellow livery...

Anyway, found this one among the archives last weekend and remembered that I hadn't seen this one around here also. Despite not beeing a very colorful livery (specially comparing to the Haribos) it would be still very nice to see them around here again.


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