sábado, 15 de janeiro de 2011

Water mirrors & a C-295 out of the mist

Yesterday stopped at the airport during lunch time, expecting to see something interesting...
Things were pretty quiet and the weather was quite awfull with heavy rain.
Despite that, during a break on the rain, noticed that the water on the apron was mirroring the colors of the parked aircraft....
CS-TKJ 's new colors were reflecting a lot despite beeing the farther one 


PGA 's F100 are still regular around here... (CS-TPC)
Anyway, nothing was going on and I had to leave...
Not far from the airport, met a military convoy heading for the airport....so decided to go back with the hope of getting 16803, the Portuguese Air Force C-130 with the new grey livery...

Weather was getting worst from the side of runway 23, specially on the visibility...
Despite that was the runway in use, the PoAF crew decided to land on 05 which was still with clear visibility.
Started searching for the approaching plane to check if it was the 16803 but all I could see on the aproach circuit was heavy haziness...
Finally they came out of the "soap" on what it seemed a lot after abeam the tower and extended their circuit farther more than usual before heading to GELO and into final to runway 05....
It wasn't the 16803 but it's allways nice to get some military traffic...specially a new reg.

16708 from Sqn.502 - Elefantes

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  1. a few more shots and you get one like this water mirror http://www.jetphotos.net/viewphoto.php?id=7019730

  2. :)) Da próxima vez que for à placa tenho de levar uns baldes de água, para fazer uma dessas...LOL

  3. Pelos vistos isso por aí tá igual aos Açores, água + água + água = água

    Já tenho saudades do sol, lol