First Smartinwgs B737MAX and more...

Last Tuesday we got the info that something unusual could came for some training so, as I had the time, went to the airport to try my luck.
Wouldn't be a missed trip anyway as I still hadn't got any Smartwings and Norwegian B737MAX nor had got any Novair this season....

The expected traffic for the training didn't came after all and the weather/light wasn't that good, specially near the lunch time but tryed to get some decend pics for the record...
Unfortunatelly...Norwegian decided not to bring the MAX on that day so, still missing that one...

Anyway, one can notice the renewall of the fleets as, from the traffic I got that morning, many were NEO or MAX...

Smartwings OK-SWF arriving from Warsow

Novair A321NEO SE-RKB, arriving from Gothenburg

This season, Novair has been coming with both A321NEO's,
Recently, the other A321NEO (SE-RKA) had an incident ..Check HERE
So, I guess we won't be seeing it around here anytime soon...this SmartLynx A321 (LY-LCV) made the flight from Stockholm Arlanda

Thomas Cook A321 OK-VKD, arriving also from  Stockholm Arlanda with the fight against cancer symbol near the titles 

Easyjet A320 NEO G-UZHI arriving from London Gatwick


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