Specials...3 in a row

It's not every day (at least, not in Madeira) that you get 3 special liveries in about half an hour, 2 of wich are new to me (one for the first time at Madeira...)
D-AGER with the Germania 30th aniversary livery #flygermania arriving at the stand.
At Madeira for the first time..Nice livery!
Tuifly's D-ATUZ, wearing a very nice RIU Hotels livery.
Has been here before but this was the first time I got it...
2 new special liveries out of 3 planes...a nice line up at LPMA's apron...
the 3rd special livery (or the first...as this was the first one I got this day, departing to Lisbon, were it's based)
Easyjet's G-EZEZ with the Napoli sticker
New glass protection in some of the public balcony...


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