New Photo of the Week: Air Berlin Etihad from 23

After almost two years without coming to Madeira for the first time (presented in January 2014), now the Air Berlin Etihad "Moving Forward" livery has been a regular presence at Madeira (please, don't forget to send us the #cominghomeforchristmas livery, Air Berlin...)
Yesterday  it came and the saturday before it also came...these are some pics taken last week, with take-off from runway 23 and landing in runway 05...
Taking off, back to Berlin - Tegel from runway 23 with a nice light.
In the apron, its Swiss "brother" HB-IOZ and Aigle Azur's A320 F-HBIX, with new livery and sharklets
an hour earlier, the landing, on runway 05
Another shot of the take off...


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