Tuifly Specials

Last Tuesday was German day....
The first ones were the Tuifly. 4 of them....

A couple of them were just regular yellow Tui livery but the other two were a couple of special liveries... !!
The first (already at the airport when I arrived) was already known D-ATUE, with the  DB ICE IM ZUG ZUM FLUG livery (DB Air One) and it was expected.

The other one was a surprise to me and despit I already had some pics of it, it was quite some time since I last caught it....the Hapag-Lloyd Kreuzfahrten (D-ATUF)

Despite the rainy weather, D-ATUF landed with a nice sunlight!

D-ATUE taxiing to runway 05

...and departing with a great water spraying, from recent shower rain...
D-ATUF pushing back to runway 05.
A big cheer group from Tui, waving World of Tui flags to the departure of  D-ATUF


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