New Photo of the Week - Back to Tallinn

Last Friday night Smartlynx made the first flight of its operation from Tallinn.
Arrived after mid-night around half an hour late (which isn't that bad...)

Anyway, was expecting it would be parked in front of the terminal balcony....well, it didn't....
They parked it on A09, behind a "bunch" of TAP's and ladders and other stuff from Ground Force...'s strange but many airlines still don't get the importance of spotting and spotters to free marketing...
With so many liveries and a new livery widelly announced on its website, was expecting some interesting wasn't...
It was a white "fridge" with a blue tail....nice... :(

Anyway took the time for some TAP night shots, together with Paulo Olim, from Asas Madeira Blog....
Will share them later, on another post.
For now, the Smartlynx shots....
For the Photo of the Week, a diferent shot, with an overview of the ramp while Smartlynx takes off, from runway 23, in the back.
This reminds me some Innsbruck shots, altough I was expecting that some police went up there, telling me I couldn't be perched up there...
The arrival: getting the only colorfull thing in the plane...
Behind a lot of other things....
Preparing to pushback (not even some titles in the front fuselage)
Push-back leaving, before taxi to runway 23....


  1. Ola boas fotos gostei de todas elas muito fixe...

  2. Excelentes registos como sempre. ;)
    Tenho andado meio desaparecido mas venho sempre cá ver estas maravilhas.
    Vamos ver se com as minhas duas últimas fotos começo novamente em força.

  3. Fantastic Pics!
    (How the hell do you manage to snatch those colors???)
    As for the cops, never mind...there never around when you need them, so...


  4. LOL...Pagoda, quem disse que eu precisava deles?...(por isso mesmo é que estava bem sujeito a que viessem prestar "serviço"...)

  5. Esse A-320 é minimalismo decorativo levado ao extremo... Mas é um registo histórico.
    De resto, as fotos estão competentes, como sempre!


  6. Gonçalo Sylva Lenenuajjann3 de abril de 2010 às 11:10

    Viajei NA LAT Destino com uma Carta de Tallinn, Estónia. Adorei sobrevoar o Porto Santo. Adorei A Viagem Até Tallinn. Cheguei á minha terra. Agora Estou Na Estónia


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