domingo, 25 de julho de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Formation flight

This photo of the Week was one of the great experiences I had, during PoAF Celebrations 2010.

The flight baptisms in Alouette III at Porto Santo were made by "Rotores de Portugal"
The three helos took off in line and went for the flight.

I was quite focused in taking photos to the front of the helicopter when I noticed 19340 approaching us by the right.
After a moment we made a 360 with the other Al.III in close formation with us, allowing me to make some really nice shots....

A Big Thanks to the guys at Rotores, an amazing experience!

quarta-feira, 21 de julho de 2010


For a break in military photos (there's still a lot to come but, just for the
sake of diversity, decided to share some Jet2 pics.

These were taken on the day before the arrival of
Rotores de Portugal on a
morning of spotting all by myself that went very nice...

It was the first time this year that I photographed
Jet2 and it was also some
of the first pics of this airline that I found to be aceptable....

Looks like whenever there is an airline with a livery I find interesting,
I never seem to get some nice pics of it....
Landing on runway 05.

Pushing back for the departure...

Taxiing to runway 05 with OK-SWV from Smartwings (Travel Service flight) on the back
(not quite a regular visitor around here.).
Also, on the back, some blue vans, from Air Force bringing some personal and stuff
from a C-130 that had just landed.

terça-feira, 20 de julho de 2010

No Walkarounds-CCADF

O resultado da minha primeira colaboração com um dos mais conhecidos sites de avião militares foi colocado hoje online.

Falo do site Walkarounds, mais especificamente no seu sub-site Walkarounds-CCADF (Cross of Christ Aviation Datafiles)

Trata-se de um pequeno trabalho sobre as Comemorações do 58º Aniversário da Força Aérea, que pode ser consultado AQUI

segunda-feira, 19 de julho de 2010

New Photo of the Week - Back to Monte Real

Like I said before, F-16's weren't my favs this PoAF Celebrations but I must admit it's nice to have these birds around here.
It's definitely not every day (not even every year) you have the oportunity to see a couple of F-16 operating at LPMA...

After Static Display, 15126 and 15133 were caught here, lining up to return to Monte Real AB (AB no.5) and what a loud departure it ears kept "ringing" for a while...
After take off, they made a circuit for high-speed low pass over the runway...

More on that later....

sexta-feira, 16 de julho de 2010

Esta é para o pessoal

Esta é dedicada ao pessoal da Madeira Spotters com quem acompanhei na maioria dos dias as Comemorações da Força Aérea na Madeira: Jorge Abreu, Paulo Olim e Paulo Brito!

Foram uns dias excelentes, fazendo-me lembrar outros tempos, quando o pessoal se juntou para ir a alguns festivais e eventos.

quarta-feira, 14 de julho de 2010

terça-feira, 13 de julho de 2010

F-16's - The arrivals for the static display

I guess it's time to share some stuff on the F-16's at Air Force Celebrations...

Despite the fact that they're noise and quick, I'm not exactly a big fan of "flame-throwers".

Also, it's really nice to see these around here as rare birds that they are on these neighborhoods but besides the departure after the static display, the F-16's didn't make anything that I found really thrilling...not even on the Air Show day (they were specially disapointing on that day....)

Anyway, for now, the arrivals for the static display...

They arrived on the afternoon of the day before the Static display, after a passing at Funchal, during the inauguration of the Air Force statue on Avenida do Mar.
Was expecting to see the 50 Years Falcon but instead we got 15126 and 15133....

The 133 has quite an interesting story and it was rather nice to have it around.
You can check it's story on a fantastic work made by the Pássaro de Ferro team, HERE (in Portuguese)

Anyway, the pics....
The arrival of 133

and the 126....ever seen an F-16's landing on carrier? I haven't also.... :))

segunda-feira, 12 de julho de 2010

Rotores de Portugal at Tamariz Beach

Just saw this fantastic video of the "Rotores de Portugal" display at Tamariz, last month.
With some great fotage from inside the helicopter, with Rotores no.2, Lt.Paulo Melo.

Snoopy by Condor

Lately haven't been paying much atention to airliners at Madeira, but there's been some interesting traffic, like a Transavia flight made by KLM, the 100th Airbus at Easyjet, a few special liveries by Tuifly (including the Golden Haribo, that I haven't photographed yet) and probably others that I don't even know or remember...

Anyway, today was talking with a couple of guys about this and remembered that on one of the days of the PoAF Alouette III flight tests I "threw" a couple of shots to some Condor special livery without paying much attention to it...

It was D-AICN, with Snoopy, by Condor....

sexta-feira, 9 de julho de 2010

Eyes on - New Blog from Porto Santo

Finally Paulo Brito, a spotter from Porto Santo decided to create his blog, regarding the traffic on that island.
With the recent Air Force Celebrations, he will have plenty of stuff to share...

The first couple of posts are really worth the visit....


Allways...So others may live!

On the day of the Static display, by the end of the afternoon, we went to the spotting places behind the airport, to get the departures of the PoAF planes and helos that had been on display.

Then we noticed an EH coming in to runway 05.
Wasn't paying any atention to the radio, so didn't know what flight it was or where was it coming was probably from Porto Santo...

Once again, the spotting of the islander...on the back, "Lobo Marinho", the ferry was going to Porto Santo.
Then, I noticed the sick person on the litter, thought the window...a Medevac from Porto Santo...

On the back, static display was on its finals and planes were getting ready to leave but the main mission is allways to be assured above all, "so others may live"...
That's also why Madeira people and specially the ones from Porto Santo have a special care for the Air Force....keep up!

On the take off back to Porto Santo (sorry, no pics...too far ayway) they still managed to do a fantastic take-off, rotating and "dancing" with the helicopter, a lot better than others that were at the display and made a nothing special to celebrate the ocasion...

Congrats by the spirit!

quinta-feira, 8 de julho de 2010

The Merlin Demo

The second display of the Air Force Celebrations Air Show was made by Sqn.751 with the EH-101

They came in for a first pass on a real tight formation...looks like there isn't even space for the main rotor blades....

After which one of the helicopter came to drop a diver, to be rescued by...

This one....

A nice demo where the capabilities of the Merlin to remain still over one point were really noticeable....

quarta-feira, 7 de julho de 2010

Livro: A Aviação na Madeira

Recebi na passada segunda-feira o livro "A Aviação na Madeira", que foi editado pela Força Aérea e lançado durante as Celebrações deste Ramo nesta Região.

Ainda apenas dei uma vista de olhos relativamente superficial mas, parece-me realmente uma obra excelente que vem preencher uma lacuna existente até agora no que toca à Região, dentro desta temática.

Cobrindo a vertente civil, assim como a história da presença da Força Aérea na Região, é sem dúvida uma obra essencial em qualquer  colecção relativa à Aviação Nacional.

Um obrigado à Mais Alto, em especial ao Nuno Esteves da Silva, pelo envio desta obra e pela possibilidade que me foi oferecida, de colaborar com algumas fotos, no que toca à vertente militar.

New Photo of the Week - Flying the Alouette

Last week, like I already said was a fantastic one.
With Portuguese Air Force Celebrations beeing held at Madeira, for the first time, we managed to get right in the middle of it, specially regarding the Sqn.552 and Rotores de Portugal activities.

The Alouette III is one of those helos that allways had a special meaning to me and last week had the fantastic oportunity to fly in one of them! Took lots and lots of pics, which will post later.

For now, the pic of the Week, and a special thanks to the Portuguese Air Force, to Maj. Raposo, Lt.Eliana and all the guys of 552 and Rotores de Portugal!

terça-feira, 6 de julho de 2010

Alpha Jet Solo dislay - The full set

Time to share the full set (of the pics that turned out ok....) regarding the Alpha Jet Solo Display.

Like I already said, it was a really nice display and it's good to see these colors back to aerobatics...
Who would have say that, after 2008, the Madeira sky and photos would be the lauchpad of this new project...

"The Spirit never lands"...

Next July, 10th a new display at Beja Air Base (Open Base day) - 12h

domingo, 4 de julho de 2010

Alpha Jet Solo dislay

Yesterday was the PoAf Celebrations Air Show.

Besides the "Rotores de Portugal"  and the Merlins demo, the other only highlight of the Show was the Alpha Jet Solo Display!
Really nice! It's fantastic to see Capt. Ribeiro (former no.2 of Asas de Portugal display team) back and in great shape!

Let's hope this is the startup of something bigger, the crowd really enjoyed it!
More pics later....

sábado, 3 de julho de 2010

Portuguese Air Force Celebrations at Porto Santo

This Week, the Portuguese Air Force took it's Celebrations during 2 days to Porto Santo.
The "Rotores de Portugal" were at that island for a couple of days and we got the fantastic oportunity of joining to the Air Force during those days...

The full report on that is now on the Madeira Spotters web page (in Portuguese) with lots of photos....
Check HERE

Later will share the rest of the photos in higher resolution.