New Photo of the Week - Formation flight

This photo of the Week was one of the great experiences I had, during PoAF Celebrations 2010.

The flight baptisms in Alouette III at Porto Santo were made by "Rotores de Portugal"
The three helos took off in line and went for the flight.

I was quite focused in taking photos to the front of the helicopter when I noticed 19340 approaching us by the right.
After a moment we made a 360 with the other Al.III in close formation with us, allowing me to make some really nice shots....

A Big Thanks to the guys at Rotores, an amazing experience!


  1. Obrigado pelo comentário no meu blogue, que me deu a oportunidade de conhecer este site. Deve ter sido uma experiência única o baptismo no Alouette III. Belas imagens também.

  2. Obrigado José, foi realmente uma experiência fantástica!


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