Allways...So others may live!

On the day of the Static display, by the end of the afternoon, we went to the spotting places behind the airport, to get the departures of the PoAF planes and helos that had been on display.

Then we noticed an EH coming in to runway 05.
Wasn't paying any atention to the radio, so didn't know what flight it was or where was it coming was probably from Porto Santo...

Once again, the spotting of the islander...on the back, "Lobo Marinho", the ferry was going to Porto Santo.
Then, I noticed the sick person on the litter, thought the window...a Medevac from Porto Santo...

On the back, static display was on its finals and planes were getting ready to leave but the main mission is allways to be assured above all, "so others may live"...
That's also why Madeira people and specially the ones from Porto Santo have a special care for the Air Force....keep up!

On the take off back to Porto Santo (sorry, no pics...too far ayway) they still managed to do a fantastic take-off, rotating and "dancing" with the helicopter, a lot better than others that were at the display and made a nothing special to celebrate the ocasion...

Congrats by the spirit!


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