For a break in military photos (there's still a lot to come but, just for the
sake of diversity, decided to share some Jet2 pics.

These were taken on the day before the arrival of
Rotores de Portugal on a
morning of spotting all by myself that went very nice...

It was the first time this year that I photographed
Jet2 and it was also some
of the first pics of this airline that I found to be aceptable....

Looks like whenever there is an airline with a livery I find interesting,
I never seem to get some nice pics of it....
Landing on runway 05.

Pushing back for the departure...

Taxiing to runway 05 with OK-SWV from Smartwings (Travel Service flight) on the back
(not quite a regular visitor around here.).
Also, on the back, some blue vans, from Air Force bringing some personal and stuff
from a C-130 that had just landed.


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