Thomas Cook down

As already expected, Thomas Cook went down...unfurtunatelly they didn't managed to get the required funding and shut down the operations...

Regarding the airlines of the group, Thomas Cook UK was also shutdown and Thomas Cook Scandinavia has suspended operations...some still say there's a probability that the Scandinavian airline will resume activity...I guess we'll have to wait and see...

Condor, a major airline flying to Madeira, for now as kept flying, and annouced it was seeking a government-backed bridging loan to preserve liquidity after the collapse of associated tour operator Thomas Cook...let's hope that works out...

Regarding Thomas Cook looks like it's still flying also, for now...

Thomas Cook UK A321 G-TCDM on final to runway 05, September 2018:

Thomas Cook Balearics A320 EC-MTJ on final to runway 05, April 2018:

Thomas Cook Scandinavia A321 OK-TVA landing on runway 23, back in November 2011

Thomas Cook with the "remains" of another dead British airline...Monarch...
A321 G-TCVB, May 2018:

Special livery B757 G-TCBB, May 2013:

Special livery A321 G-TCDV, October 2018:


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