Photo of the Week: First time for the Smurfs

Last Friday we got, for the first time, Brussels Smurfs special livery.
It looks really fantastic (as all the other Brussels special liveries, by the way....)

Arriving from Brussels, around 17:25, it's a more interesting hour (light regarding) than the previous schedulle of sunday at the end of the morning...


The approach was windy and the touch down just a little bit longer than usual (for many of the planes, this day)
Pushing back, with the other highlight of the day....Privilege B767 EC-LZO that came with on  charter flight on behalf of Acuna Fombona, for a medical conference at Madeira.

The father smurf is the F/O and Smurfette is the this case was about right, as the Captain was a woman and one of the nicest captains I've met ;)


  1. Para variar, perdi este.
    Aliás, nunca apanhei nenhum, portanto é a tradição a manter-se!
    Boas fotos, como sempre!

  2. Considerando que foi durante a semana até calhou bem...


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