Madeira Highlights 2015

Happy new year, everyone!
Time for a review on last year's highlights at Madeira traffic.

In February Air Berlin brought us its special livery "Milo". Check HERE

Also in February, got for the first (and only, until now...) a DAT (Danish Air Transport)...OY-LHD, on final to runway 23:

In April, got for the first (and only...) time, Air Berlin's Fan Force special livery (D-ABFK). Check HERE

Also in April, a special catch for me...the firsts (and only, until now) pics of Portuguese Air Force C-295 16705 carrying the 502 Sqn 60th Aniversary livery :)
Check HERE
performing a low-pass, after take-off 
This year, Air Contractors flew, for the first time, to Madeira. It was making flights from Dublin...only managed to get it once, in May. Check HERE

Also in May, British Airways started its flights to Madeira, from London Gatwick, beeing received with the water canons salute. Check HERE
G-GATK arriving at the stand
Another British highlight in May was Easyjet's 250th special livery, G-EZOL. Check HERE

Tuifly is one of those airlines that allways brings to Madeira some great special May got for the first time its Tropifrutti, D-ATUJ. Check HERE

In June, we got, for the first time, Privilege's B767 ( EC-LZO ). Check HERE

Transavia is one of those airlines that rarely brings their special liveries to Madeira but we still managed to see around here a few times Transavia France's Bostick special livery, on B738 F-GZHG
Check HERE

In July, Iberia made its debut at Madeira. Check HERE
A319 EC-MFO was the first Iberia plane, received with the water canon salute
Also in July, the debut of another Spanish airline, at Madeira: Vueling.
The first flight was received with the water canons, flowers and Madeira Wine. Check HERE
EC-JFF landing for the first time at Madeira, with a great morning light
July, 16th: Aerovip's new plane that would make the inter-island flights arrives at Madeira, from the mainland, a BAe Jetstream, CS-DVQ. Check HERE
Later, in December, had the fantastic oportunity for some shots on this plane's cockpit...definitely an highlight of the year, for me... check HERE

As usual, in the summer, Air Nostrum made a few flights to Madeira, from several spanish cities...
In July got, for the first time an Air Nostrum with the new livery and it was the one (EC-JNB) with the special livery, celebrating the airline's 20th aniversary. Check HERE

In August we got a rare B767 from Condor (with the extra of beeing one with a special livery...D-ABUE) Check HERE

In September, Air Berlin flew to Madeira, for the first time, its A321 D-ABCO with Air Dusseldorf titles. Check HERE

In October, another Easyjet special livery, for the first (and only) time..G-EZBF Tartan "Inverness". Check HERE

Also in October, another special livery from Easyjet: G-EZDN with the Amsterdam livery. Check HERE

In November and December, after almost 2 years, Air Berlin finally brought to Madeira it's AB / Etihad Moving Forward special livery D-ABDU...check HERE

Also in November, the debut of a new airline based at Madeira: Everjets. Its only A320 (leased to DAT, OY-RUP) was received with the water canons...check HERE

In the last month of the year, we still got a few nice movements...
Ukraine Air Alliance An-12 UR-CGV made a special cargo flight. Check HERE

Football (soccer) team F.C.Porto leased a rare (around here, at least) Carpatair Fokker 100 to bring the team to Madeira. Check HERE
YR-FZA ready for the night...
and Tarom made a Reveillon charter from Bucarest with an A310 YR-LCB. Didn't get the arrival, only the departure, already this year...check HERE


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