New Photo of the Week: Easyjet special Orange

Yesterday morning Easyjet finally decided to send us a special from London.
Yes...I'm wasting this joke...but it wasn't Mourinho...thank was G-EZUI, the airline's Orange one, celebrating the 200th Airbus.

It's been here a few times but only got it once and the pics weren't that great...

Landing on runway 05 with Madeira mountains in the back.

At apron, almost ready to departure (almost........)

Easyjet's "electronic bag"?
 The wind was already a bit tricky (on the afternoon a few planes had to bee diverted) and despite the landing were beeing made in runway 05, the take-offs were in runway 23 (good for sure gives a lot more interesting pics...)

See you next time...Thanks for the head's up on this one...

And...Easyjet...feel free to bring us any of the other special liveries that you still didn't bring to Madeira...


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