Finnair through the times

As Finnair starts operating the new A321 with Sharklets and new livery to Madeira, I guess it's a good occasion to publish a few memory shots on previous planes/liveries.

I remember Finnair at Madeira with the good old MD :)
Still, I only started photographing planes in 2004 and back then they were already bringing the Boeing 752.

OH-LBO taking off from runway 05 with a livery used a couple of rebrandings ago...
This airplane is already stored (since September 2013)
In 2005 they were already using a new livery and in 2007 got my first Finnair B752 with winglets.

OH-LBT earlier this year, linning up on runway 23
It's one of the 2 only B752 still on duty with Finnair, currently
Finnaly, last week (Oct.27th 2013) Finnair brough its first A321 to Madeira.
It was also the first A321 around here and the first Finnair with the new 2010 livery here. (Check HERE)

OH-LZG, taking off to Helsinki


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