Tuifly Specials: Finally the ÜBÄRflieger

After a long time without going to the aiport, the oportunity to finally get the last Tuifly special livery that was missing on my collection was a good motive for a spotting trip to the airport

On my way to the airport still made a couple of long distance shots to the Cruiseship premiering, at Funchal harbour (MSC Divina) but you can check those later in my Cruiseship spotting blog: Madeira Cruiseship Spotting ;)

When I got to the airport, the star of the day had already landed

A great morning for Tuifly traffic, together with D-AHFR "ÜBÄRflieger" was D-ATUC, the "DB Air Two" and another Tuifly with the regular livery (D-AHFW)
Later in the morning we still had D-ATUD, the "Gold Haribo", but could wait for it...
A great morning full of Tuifly's special liveries....

Pushing back to runway 23


A great take-off,..too bad the dark weather

The arrival of D-ATUC, on runway 23

A big captain... :)

Another nice take-off with the house of Sr.Manuel right in the back...


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