New Photo of the Week: Night traffic

Despite the awesome moment from the last photo of the week, it's more than time for a new one...

This one was already published, just a few days but still, it's one of few night pics I've taken lately and it's one the I really enjoy, so, well worth the title of Week Photo...

G-COBM, the Beechcraft from Flight Inspection on a night stop, with CS-TPD, a Fokker 100, from PGA waiting  on taxiway Charlie, for the landing of "Medic36", a Portuguese Air Force C-295 with a Medevac from AM3, at Porto Santo.
You can check that entry HERE

And, another pic that I hadn't published then....
The same Beechcraft with the Portuguese Air Force C-295 (16710) taxiing back to runway 05, for the  departure to Porto Santo


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