Jetphotos speeds up and a TOP

Looks like the Jetphotos screener made some speeding up on last days..
A lot of Madeira photos have been acepted, including 4 of mine, I had on queue...

These 4 pics are (for me) nice entries because they all have a little bit of a diferent touch from my usual pics

This one, of course, deserves the first mention as it managed to get (currently) to #3 no TOP pics of Last 24H, in Jetphotos.
TAP's A330 CS-TOI  taking off to Caracas (CCS)
A diferent overview that shows the relation that Madeirean, as islanders, have with planes and the airport

The cockpit of Portuguese Air Force C-130 16806.
It was the first time we had a Grey C-130 around here, the first time I was in a C-130 cockpit and the first time I took a cockpit pic with my fish-eye...

Some would call it a picture Rui Sousa style.. ;P
Always enjoyed this kind of pics (hads an extra to a stoped plane...) also, the extra is essencially on the fact that Air Berlin's A319 aren't that comon here (specially with 2 emergency doors over the wings...)
D-ABGJ with a an A320 on the back

Not much rain this winter so, the water from the welcome bath to the return of Germania is a nice oportunity for some water reflections of a plane (TAP's CS-TTR)
The guys didn't saw it as a good motive and thoug the plane was too high on the frame...


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