Tuesday Tuifly specials

Alex just called the atention to yet another fantastic special livery, from Tuifly with the Bärenmarke livery (check here)

While it doesn't come to Madeira (let's hope it's soon), here a few shots on last Tuesday Tuifly specials...

D-ATUD Haribo Goldbaren looks pretty amazing with the right sun!
On final to runway 05

Taxiing through "Charlie" to runway 05
Nice reflections!

The other special livery from Tuifly that day was D-ATUC, the DB Air Two (Regio)

Under a great light

Taxiing to runway 05 with another plane beeing guided by the "Follow me" to the stand.
Notice closely, back on the left, the small bird is another plane has just started the aproach circuit to runway 05.


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