900km for a plane...

Sata's A310 CS-TKM is kind of a fridge but a good looking fridge :)
It has already came to Madeira at least a couple of times but I wasn't able to photograph it ...

Last week it came once more to Madeira but once again, I wasn't there to get it...
Fortunatelly I was at "Satalandia" :)) S.Miguel (LPD/LPPD) and what better place to get a Sata plane?

Didn't get it here at Madeira but finally managed to get it 900km from here, at its home base.

an overview of PDL appron and terminal

Had notice it taking off the previous day while I was downtow Ponta Delgada.
After some browsing, find out it was departing to Porto (OPO/LPPR) and returning that night.
On the next day, went by the airport before any of the schedulled flights that it might  made it and there it was... 

by the way... the road to Relva provides a great balcony over the airport
(and no fences to mess the pics....)


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