The Korean, the American and the Icelandic...'s not the title of a joke...

Today we had, for the first time (as far as I know) a Korean Air plane.
Although it wasn't wearing full airline livery (was a BBJ) it's still one of the best catches of the Year...

Arrived early in the morning, after a flight through the Atlantic, from Atlanta (ATL/KATL).

on final to runway 05 with very nice golden light...


Taxi to Alpha 11 for a night-stop.

Also on the apron, after a night stop there was 40087, a C-21 from USAFE (United States Air Force Europe)
(with TF-BBE, from Bluebird Cargo arriving, on the back, from Lisbon, on the daily cargo flight to Agroar)

The kind of pic you don't get accepted at or

While waiting for the Korean, took some time to register the magnificent sunrise, behind Desertas


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