CS-TKJ: The landing of the Birdstrike

Last Jun.,20th the Sata A320 CS-TKJ had a multiple birdstrike at LPMA  - Madeira during the rotation on the take-off to Copenhagen (CPH).

Check the small info I published then HERE

Until now, no pics of the landing were known. None of the usual Madeira Spotters were around at the time of landing and no other pics were published on the most known aviation photography sites.
These pics would be specially interesting because there was a controversy on the fact that the birdstrike had made one of the cargo doors open in flight and the A320 made the landing with that door open.

Speciallists stated that it wasn't possible or if it was open it would be just a little bit...

Well, this weekend a foreign spotter sent me some hot shots on this.
Sergey Bocharov was on the right spot at the right time!

Thanks a lot for sharing these pics, Sergey.
Just made a crop on the pics, resized (1200x800) and put a watermark on the pics....

By the way, if anyone out there has any more pics on this, please share....


  1. Mais uma história estranha, envolvendo um A320 da Sata, enfim...


    Luís Correia

  2. Bem...recebi um comentário que nem é digno de publicação (nem percebi o propósito do mesmo...).
    Como a pobre alma nem deixou nome...resta-me desejar um "vai tu...."


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