Saturday's privates

 One of the purposes of last Saturday spotting session at Madeira's airport was to get the rare Embraer ERJ-135 that was at there.
When I got there, it was preparing to leave...

The Embraer ERJ-135 Legacy 600 from London Excecutive Aviation (G-HUBY) lining up on runway 05

"local" Madejet's Hawker CS-DPA also made a few entries on the ruway for engine tests
The private arrival of the afternoon, SE-RFJ, a Cessna 680 Citation

A small overview, incluind the other bizjet that was at Madeira:
Omni's CS-TFO, a Learjet 40 that had been making some trainings at Madeira and Porto Santo the previous day.


  1. Que blog fantástico para quem ama a aviação!!! Parabéns!!!
    Visitem também este blog português relacionado com a aviação e a Fotografia Aérea de Portugal:
    A Terceira Dimensão - Fotografia Aérea de Portugal

  2. Obrigado Duarte,
    sou igualmente visitante regular do seu blog que merece realmente a visita.


  3. Love the Hawker! Used to fly a 3A years ago - miss it a lot. If you like aviation, let me recommend a book to you: Fate Is The Hunter.

    A great read for anyone who loves airplanes and flying.


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