New Photo of the Week - C-212

This week, on Friday, the C-295 will officially come to service at AM3 - Porto Santo, replacing 401 Sqn.'s Aviocar.
After the mainland and the Azores, Madeira will be the last region to have it on duty.
(it was doing weekly regular flights from the mainland, but now it will have one unit detached at AM3).

The Aviocar had been the PoAF's plane that I grew with...
The Aviocar and it's crew were the first elements of the DAM (Madeira Air Detachment) that based in Madeira Airport by the end of 1976 (I was born in November of that year) and since then have been allways present in  key moments and operations in our Archipelago.
It saw the Puma arrive to Madeira and saw it leave, with the arrival of the EH-101.

It's now its turn to hand over the the continuation of its legacy to the C-295....


  1. Lindo, só pode ser da pista 23 ;-)

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira

  2. Pois ora ai esta, mais um que vai ficar na historia junto com os outros, Aerocondor, Puma, Sata ATP (British Aerospace) e os varios helicopteros de passeio que estiveram por cá, e agora vai o aviocar, e talvez para o proximo ano outra vez a Sata com o seu Q200 :(

    Paulo Olim
    Asas Madeira


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