Aviocar replacement next Friday

Like I mentioned on the post regarding this Photo of the Week, next Friday, the Portuguese Air Force C-212 Aviocar will be replaced at AM3 - Porto Santo by the newest C-295.

After 34 Years this replacement definitely brings mixed feelings...
I grew up with the Aviocar (I'm also 34) and since I can remember the "trooper's plane" (o avião da tropa) has been my closest connection with the military aviation in a place where military planes weren't common at all and at a time that you didn't have internet.

Madeira and Porto Santo population had this plane on its heart for all these years of duty in benefit of locals.

On the other hand, the C-295 will definitely bring new efficiency to its missions as the modern and new generation plane that it is...

Obviously I'm only mentioning the aircraft's as I consider the work of the crew as a Top Work
with either plane and 
I'm pretty sure that now they will have 
even more conditions to perfom their mission. 

Keep attention to Walkarounds, a big report on this is beeing prepared.
Also other report will be placed at Madeira Spotters and this Blog.


  1. Tens aí um , com uma bonita "cauda", ou melhor "tromba", lol

  2. Esse ficou com uma pintura muito bem conseguida.
    Ficou-me a falta a outra pintura especial, da 401....

  3. ótimas fotos, especialmente aquela com as luzes azuis! :D


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