Tuifly by Euroatlantic

These photos were one of those that I didn't even remember that I had taken and quite precious they are.

As far a I know, it was the first time an Euroatlantic B767 was around here.
Also, B767 other than SBA's aren't that usual around here...

This flight happened due to the Icelandic Vulcano ashes.
Traffic was grounded for a few days around here and in other parts of Europe, so Tuifly brought a bigger plane to take all the grounded passengers at our island.

I remember seeing this plane going to the Canary islands on behalf of Tuifly and thinking that it would be great if they made the same with Madeira passengers....

As far as I can remember they made 2 flights on that day. I only caught the morning one...

The nice early morning sun was quite far away...
Anyway, on this case there's probably a Murphy Law, stating that the sun allways comes out right after the plane lands... 
After rotation, taxiing to runway 05 


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