Q200 on the late afternoon

This time, didn't get many things at Porto Santo and wasn't also paying much atention to the unexpected traffic...
The best thing, regarding spotting was definitely the visit to Porto Santo Tower and this diferent shot I made on top of it.
There are many shots that I think that are worth sharing, but I'm not really on the mood for processing them right now...in time, I share them here... (no inside pics from the tower...not allowed)

Meanwhile I still have very few pics of the Sata's Q200 and none of them were at Porto Santo so, went a couple of times just to shoot the small bird.

On this day, left home with a very nice late afternoon sun, but by the time the plane arrived, clouds had already messed that up...
Still, really like the first shot...
On final to runway 36


  1. vi a app dele, veio ao largo pela praia, dps fez-se á pista :D


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