SAS retro and Flyglobespan / Oman Air

So, here's the rest of the traffic for the Monday, 11th May.
As I said a very nice day for spotting with some really interesting traffic.
On the afternoon, besides the more interesting traffic, the sunlight was also better (on its location and quality).

In little more than half an hour there was a lot of traffic. Good, that's the way I like it, specially if I was supose to be "somewhere else" :))

Anyway, we had the SAS with retro livery, which is always a nice catch. Until now had only caught it once and the photos were real crappy...

This Flyglobespan returned back to its operator just a few days, after a lease to Oman Air and it's still wearing hybrid colors (very nice ones, be the way...)

Transavia, as usual, with the regular PH-XRA...

It made a bit of a longer and...

...quite a smoky landing...

And at this time, it even looks like its orange time with lots (for our kind of traffic) of Easyjets...

Luxair new colors is allways a nice catch. Much better looking than the old livery...
Right wheel touchdown

A bit of an overview.
The national airline showing Portuguese colors on the most internation day at LPMA:

All in all, some very nice moments with on a well worth quick trip to the airport...


  1. Esse porta aviões que vocês têm....!

    Tanto o esquema do flyglobespan como o da Luxair são lindíssimos!

    [ironic mode ON]Tal e qual o da TAP![ironic mode OFF]

    Rui parabéns pelas fotos!

  2. :))
    Acho que em relação à TAP, já estou na segunda fase daquela famosa frase: "Primeira estranha-se, depois entranha-se"...(que remédio...)


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