A Quicky at Night

Hey! No Red Circle in the corner...it's not that kind of Quicky...

Yesterday I was at Santa Cruz, so before leaving to Funchal, had to (of course) make a stop at the airport.
As I arrived at the parking behind the runway, noticed that the Portuguese Air Force Aviocar was taxiing to the stand...!!!
Hadn't the radio on but, at that time of the night, it could only be a "Medic36" flight: a Medical Evacuation from the neighbour smaller island of Porto Santo.
Turned my car around and left in a hurry for the terminal, has the terminal balcony would be the only place to get some nice pics of it.
Unfortunatelly, when I arrived at the balcony, it was already entering the runway to return to Porto Santo...Big Miss!!!
It was a unique oportunity to photograph this propeller plane at night with the propellers running and the lights/beacons on...

Too bad...took some quick pics of some of the night traffic and left...

This Netjets Hawk 800 was a nice catch, as bizjet's are allways different from the regular traffic...

There was another bizjet but there was all kinds of stuff in front...light poles, ladders, plants...
Talking about plants, how much will they left the plants from the balcony grow? Anyday and you won't be able to see anything from the balcony, with all that "jungle" in front of you...

This A321 hadn't arrived too long ago.
Maintenance guys were still around the plane and cockpit lights were still on.

Well, you got to take the chance for all kinds of protography on the Satas.
New livery it's on its way...

Still not sure if I like it or if will look best than this one...let wait to see it in front of me...

Anyway, you can have a peek on the new livery here


  1. I think that 'jungle' is left on purpose, same as the 'jungle' in the other side of the runway, next to the regional road. Security reasons must be the excused.


  2. Welcome back to the blogging world! :)


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