Photo of the Week: Memories on the first year

2004 was the year I started trying to photograph aviation on a more regular basis.
Didn't knew much of photography (still don't...) the material was defnitely not the best (still isn''s a hobby...) but had lot of will to try, learn and get as much as I could...

Still, during the month of June 2004, only went to the airport on June 1st...not much traffic but this overview had a nice nostalgia....

Aerocondor still existed and made the FNC-PXO-FNC flighs, with the Shorts 360 (CS-TMN).

TAP still had the previous colors...A320 CS-TNA (scrapped in 2021)

There was that BRA, the brazilian airline that stopped operations in 2010. The plane, PR-BRY, a B733, operated in a few portuguese airlines...TAP, Air Columbus, Euroatlantic and other airlines....current status is stored, according to Airfleets...


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