Tuifly returns to Madeira

The  most awaited return of Tuifly to Madeira happened yesterday, with a couple of flights, from Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF) and Stutgart (STR/EDDS).

The first one, brought us a new livery, also most awaited by local spotters. D-ABKM is now wearing a new TUI Blue Hotels livery that had never been at Madeira.

Unfortunatelly, the meteo at Madeira Airport wasn't the shiniest as the livery deserved...with a dull and dark day at Santa Cruz (where Madeira Airport is located, as oposite to Funchal, as usually refered to...20Km away), I tried my best for some keen shots but..........

So, a couple of shots of the arrival and departure on runway 23....

Despite the positioned departure, the take off run was quite longe than any of the local spotters expected....

Also...first time I got D-ABKM with Tuifly livery...previous shots were with Eurowings and Air Berlin livery...check HERE



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