Photo of the Week: Metal, from Ukraine

UR-PSD, Ukraine International Airlines B738 on final to runway 05
Not many Ukraine traffic around here but recently became a fan of an Ukranian metal Band: IGNEA and decided to check what traffic I had from this country...
Ukraine International Airlines made a few flights back in 2011, arriving allways on last sunlight or already at dusk...still, got this one in some nice light...

Regarding IGNEA, I guess they're still pretty unknown with only 1 album (and another under other name), with no label and doing stuff by their own, it's a struggle, specially for a band from Ukraine...

I do find the versatility of their singer amazing, with some nice clean voice that quickly changes for the gutural and back to clean in the glimps of an eye... check her FB page HERE

First music of them that got my atention was "Alga" (check HERE)...metal played together with a Symphonic Orchestra and a front woman is my kind of music :)

Then I checked a more heavier record...great music with a fantastic theme and great lyrics for this one: Seytanu Akbar (check HERE)

You can listen to their album "The Sign of Faith" HERE, if you the band!

By the way...they're coming to Portugal, to Vagos Metal Fest


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