Lufthansa new livery

Finally managed to get Lufthansa's new livery.
Lunch time on Saturdays and Sundays are definitely not my favorite time of the week for spotting but wanted to get Austrian's retro A320 OE-LBO and didn't even noticed which Lufthansa was it...

When I got to the airport, A321 D-AIDC with the new livery was preparing to push-back :)
Great surprise! Definitey not prize winning pics but the click is done...let's hope I have the oportunity for some better shots of it...
Pushing-back to runway 05

ready to taxi...when I saw the first pics, I didn't like the new livery at all but, seeing it live, got me another impression on it and made me change my mind...It's still not an amazing livery but it suits nicely...


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