Photo of the Week: Farewell to Germania

Tonight, Germania Airlines has seen its AOC canceled by LBA (German Civil Aviation Authorities), with all operations shut...
(This does not affect the Swiss branch)

Unfortunatelly it was not unexpected, due to all the financial struggle of the last weeks...with seven weekly flights to Madeira, it's quite a knock into Madeira's german tourism market...
Also, this was the airline performing the Jersey flights (where there's a big Madeirean community ...)

So, Photo of the Week is dedicated to Germania, with some previously unpublished pics of the last time I had the oportunity to spot their planes...6th January 2019

Wish all the best to all Germania personnel on their next step.

A319's D-ASTJ, with D-ASTZ departing, in the back, from ruway 23

The arrival of D-ASTJ, on runway 23

The departure of D-ASTZ, from runway 23
Special livery D-AGER was also present...(check the pics HERE)
The airline did not survive the plane indeed...
You can check more Germania pics HERE


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