Sata's A320

Yesterday we had the first TAP A333 at Madeira, with the retro livery :)
A long waited bird but...more on that later...(yeah...well worth next week's photo highlight...)

For now, another rare bird at Madeira, at least since Sata closed its base at Madeira...they fly here everyweek with the Q400, from Ponta Delgada but the A320 is a more rare sight now...

Last month CS-TKP made an Easter charter flight with students from the mainland.
the kind of stained pearl color of the plane becomes a lot more visible with that white nose....
coming to a stop, after landing on runway 23
 The departure was made from runway 05...going empty, expected an earlier take-off but still, not in a bad place for some shots.....
 A couple of shots, with Ponta de S.Lourenço in the back, the most eastern part of Madeira island.


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