Remembering Air Berlin

Air Berlin made its last flight yesterday...the farewell to an airline that I was used to see around here for many years and definitely one with an important role on Madeira Tourism.
Saw it with Boeing and with Airbus, with narrow-bodies and was one of the few airlines that, at some point had some regular wide-bodies fligths to Madeira...
Bye bye Air Berlin...and the best of luck for all your employees...

A few shots of Air Berlin at Madeira during my spotting sessons...maybe not my best shots nor the most important but tryed to go for a wide selections of types, colors and ocasions....
Check all Air Berlin pic's I've published on the blog, HERE

 B738 D-ABME with the One World livery take-off, with an amazing rainbow
May, 2014
a dificult catch....we waited about 2 years for the oportunity of getting D-ABDU, with the Etihad special livery...
Down on the apron, Swiss (former Belair) Air Berlin A320 HB-IOZ
A330 D-ALPB, Jan.2009, already on duty with Air Berlin but still with LTU last livery, after that airline beeing bough by AB
Milo...the special livery highlighting the airline's frequent flyer program on a really winter day...only a plane like this to make me go out spotting on this weather :)
A320 D-ABFO, Feb.2015
A320 D-ABGA and D-ABDR back in Nov.2007, showing a couple of previous liveries

May 2016: A320 OE-LEU still with Air Berlin tail and Niki titles

Air Berlin with 757? :)
Yes... :)
Belair HB-IHS back in Fev.2008

Sharklets A321 D-ABCO with airdusseldorf titles

Airbus and Boeing...with a couple of diferent liveries
Allways nice to have a bird like the 330 over you :)
D-AERS, Mar.2011
A320 D-ABHC with One World titles back in Dec.2016

Belair / Air Berlin B767 HB-ISE, Sep.2009

A320 D-ABDL with the old livery, Nov.2008

B738 D-ABMP departing from runway 23, back in Aug.2015

A320 D-ABFK with Fan Force One livery, Apr.2015

Those were the days....Apr.2014 A330's D-ALPA and D-ABXA

A320 D-ABDP still with the old livery on very short final to runway 05, Jan. 2009

A bit of Christmas's spirit with B737 D-ABMJ, in Dec.2012

A320 D-ABDB with a OLT Express hybrid livery

Currently flying as OE-LBK in Austrian, back here (Jan.2010) was D-ALTK, a former LTU A320 with a livery that didn't last long at Air Berlin.

A321 D-ABCB, Dec.2009


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